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The most guaranteed way to get your story on the site is to submit a video you filmed yourself through the “SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO” tab. You can also contact us to see if one of our filmmakers will be able to get to your part of the country to film it for you.
No. You will have to upload it on another site ( Ex. YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion) then send us the link. through our “SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO” tab.
Anyone can make a donation through credit,debit, or paypal under the “Donate” subtab under the “SPONSOR” tab. The donations go to help keep this website running. It maintains the website and film equipment, as well as allows us to expand our program. It also allows us to reach more people and get more incredible stories.

This website was created for multiple purposes.

-It allows cancer survivors to proceed on with their lives by documenting their journey with cancer and acting as a therapeutic mental release.

-The videos cancer survivors make act as a means of hope for all people currently going through cancer. It also allows people of the same type of cancer to know what they may experience and prepare them for it.

-Many of the videos on this site are a source of inspiration for all people.

-The “educational” videos are meant for newly diagnosed and people whom don’t have cancer, so they can learn more about the disease.